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Age-Friendly Englewood

​What Is an Age Friendly City?

​Age-Friendly Englewood's Plan

According to the World Health Organization, the number of people aged 60 and older will double from 11% of the population today to 22% by the year 2050. By that time there will be more older people than children for the first time in human history!

The concept of "age-friendly cities" reflects the realization that increasing numbers of people will be healthier and living longer.

In general, Age-friendly cities enact policies and provide services in settings and structures that support active aging and focus on these areas: 

   - Transportation
   - Housing
   - Social Participation
   - Respect and social inclusion
   - Civic participation and employment
   - Communication and information
   - Community support and health services
   - Outdoor spaces and building

Age-Friendly Englewood is a partnership between community organizations and the City of Englewood that aims to maximize the social, physical and economic participation of older adults so they may age in place with dignity and independence.

Guiding Principles
We view an aging population as a community

We treat aging as a normal development stage
We involve older people in problem    

   identification and resolution
We engage all sectors – public, private,

   business, etc.
We recognize and embrace the diversity of

   Englewood’s older population
We build upon existing resources and activities

Englewood's plan is based upon the World Health Organization's Domains of Livability and incorporates findings of research conducted in Englewood in 2016 as well as ongoing interactions with residents and organizations

Englewood's Priority Domains: 

Promote & expand programs that support affordable property maintenance and home repair
     Home Safety programs
     Explore home sharing
     Advocate for low-income senior housing
     Educate residents about property tax relief & property tax freeze
     Promote programs that provide financial assistance for housing & utilities
Collaborating Organizations    Bergen Volunteer Center (Chore Service); Rebuilding Together; Habitat for Humanity; Jewish Home/Safely@Home; Habitat for Humanity; AARP (passive); Bergen County Community Action; Center for Food Action; PSEG; Women's Rights Information Center; Englewood Construction Code Compliance; Planning Board; City Council; Mayor; Englewood Tax Office

Outdoor Spaces & Buildings
Promote and advocate for improved public amenities
Audit existing parks, sidewalks & crossings
     Explore the concept of “complete streets,” designed to be safe for all modes of transportation, 
     including walking.
Collaborating Organizations:    Mayor; Englewood Department of Public Works; City Engineer; Volunteer sidewalk & street assessors; Coalition Partners

Improve/Enhance network of transportation options to increase mobility of older adults and provide access to a broad range of activities
     Provide education about available public transportation
     Explore alternative transportation Services
     Improve the safety of older adult drivers
Collaborating Organizations   NJ Transit, B.C. Community Transportation; EZ-Ride; Independent Travel Network (ITN), Englewood Economic Development Corp.; Mayor/Council/City Manager; Uber/Lyft; GoGoGrantparent; SESCIL, JCC, Flat Rock Brook; Actors' Fund Home, Board of Education (buses), Dwight-Englewood School, Houses of Worship (buses); AAA, Jewish Home at Home, AARP

Community Support for Health Services
Promote & provide access to available health & social services
     Provide health-related informational and vaccination programs
     Promote the broad range of accessible and affordable fitness activities
     Distribute refrigerator magnet with pocket to contain critical personal information to 1,000 
         older adult residents of Englewood
Collaborating Organizations:  Department of Health, Englewood Hospital,"Disease" organizations, Coalition Partner organizations providing Health-related and/or fitness activities; Police/Fire/EMS; Houses of Worship.

Civic Participation & Employment
Successfully integrate older adult residents of Englewood into the life of the community
     Encourage businesses to adopt age-friendly practices that attract and retain older adults 
          as customers and potential employees
     Engage older adults in civic life of the community
     Assure sustainability of Age-Friendly Englewood
Collaborating Organizations:  Chamber of Commerce, EEDC (Englewood Economic Development Corp.); Mayor/Council/City Manager; Volunteer Center, nonprofit organizations, agencies of City government, Coalition partners, Houses of worship

Social Participation & Inclusion  
Promote and ensure access to a range of activities that integrate older adults into the life of the community
     Increase Number of Older Adults participating in existing activities
     Reach out to Isolated Older Adults
     Help older adults understand options in retirement
Collaborating Organizations:  Numerous Coalition Partners offering activities, Dept. of Health, DPW, Bergen PAC, Recreation, CofC, EEDC, Houses of Worship; Housing complexes; Providers of Meals on Wheels; High Schools/students; Mayor, City Manager; Police/Fire/EMS; Village to Village Network

Communications & Information
Improve access to information about programs and services
     Utilize effective Communications Strategies across all activities as needed
     Utilize existing resources to promote Age-Friendly programs and services
          (city website, DPW calendar, Div. of Senior Services materials, AARP)
     Increase access to information (technology, reach out to caregivers)
Collaborating Organizations:  Coalition Partners, Local Media, 2-1-1, City Communications manager; Bergen County Caregiver Coalition.

Age-Friendly Englewood intends to provide information about progress on this plan as well as updates through reports in local newspapers, newsletters, Facebook and the City of Englewood's newsletter.